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  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin

Großer Tiergarten - Points of interest

Areas worth seeing in the park

Venusbassin, 2013; photo: Bettina Bergande / TOPOS
Venusbassin, 2013   photo: Bettina Bergande / TOPOS

In the "Großer Tiergarten Berlin" park there are many outstandingly designed areas for visitors to see. Their diversity is great: from the baroque Zeltenplatz with its fan-shaped radiating avenues to the square Großfürstenplatz, from the beautiful compositions of meadows, forest and water created by the famous garden designer Lenné to the artistic monuments of the imperial era and the gorgeous Rosengarten (rose garden).

You will also find evidence of Nazi megalomania: the remodeling of the "Straße des 17. Juni" street and the "Großer Stern" square were both part of the "East-West-Axis" planned and partly completed in the 1930s and 1940s.

Of course you will also find many newly designed areas from the postwar period, such as the English Garden, and from modern times, such as the Open Air Gas Street Light Museum and the Global Stone Project.

In the west of "Großer Tiergarten", between "Schlosspark Bellevue" and the urban quarter "Hansaviertel" urban quarter, the Englischer Garten (English Garden) with its theme gardens and tea house is especially worth seeing. In the southern Tiergarten the water landscape designed by Lenné with the islands Rousseau-Insel, Luiseninsel and the Rhododendronhain grove is worth a visit while in the eastern Tiergarten sites Floraplatz, Venusbassin, Steppengarten and Großer Hain should not be missed.

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