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Children's Playgrounds

In Berlin, there are approximately 600,000 children and young people below the age of eighteen. There are approximate 1,850 public children's playgrounds for them. Most of these playgrounds (1,840) are in public parks. Additional playgrounds are located on schoolyards and in the Berlin forests. In addition to the public children's playgrounds, there are also private playgrounds in the green spaces of residential estates.
The requirements, planning and construction of public playgrounds in Berlin are regulated by the Law on Public Children's Playgrounds (Children's Playgrounds Law).
Stipulations for the provision of private playgrounds are contained in the Berlin Building Code (BauOBln).
On the following pages, selected children's playgrounds in the twelve Berlin boroughs are introduced (in German), and information is provided on the stock of public children's playgrounds, the degree of supply with public playgrounds, and on playground planning. Moreover, there is information on the legal regulations (in German) and on contacts in the borough administrations (in German). more
Children´s playground Britzer Garten (western entry) Children´s playground Nauener Platz Children´s playground Prühßstraße Children´s playground Winterfeldtplatz Children´s playground (Fennpfuhl in the borough Lichtenberg Children´s playground for elder children and adolescents