Bicycle Routes and Facilities – Wannsee Route RR1

Route Description

Experience Historic Berlin by Bike -
From its Historic Centre to the "Prussian Arcadias"

The 28 km Wannsee Route leaves from Schlossplatz, once home to the palace of the Hohenzollern dynasty. It was torn down in 1950 and replaced by the "Palast der Republik" in the 1970s.
Starting at the former Schlossfreiheit building, the route runs over Schleusenbrücke, passing two important structures from the days of Karl Friedrich Schinkel: the Friedrichswerdersche church and the Bauakademie, which is to be rebuilt. A mock-up at the site gives visitors an idea of how it looked. After crossing Gendarmenmarkt, the trail passes through Leipziger Strasse, taking you over a strip of the former Berlin Wall east of Checkpoint Charlie, once the Allied border crossing. The route carries on along the southern part of Friedrichstadt, passing the new building of the Jewish Museum.
Following Grossbeerenstraße, you cross the Landwehrkanal and the elevated U1 underground line and cycle towards Kreuzberg through a typically Wilhelminian district. Riemers Hofgarten, the beautiful apartment buildings and courtyard east of Großbeerenstraße is well worth a visit.
At Monumentenbrücke the route enters the district of Schöneberg. North of the bridge, Potsdamer Platz dominates the skyline, representing the modern face of Berlin. After crossing Langenscheidtbrücke and going down Belziger Strasse you will reach Schöneberg City Hall, home to the office of the Governing Mayor of Berlin and the West Berlin Senate in the days of the divided city and the setting of U.S. President John F. Kennedy's legendary "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech.
The route continues through Volkspark Schöneberg, going underneath the railway line and the city motorway near the former RIAS radio broadcasting house in the direction of Friedenau. The first bicycle lane in Berlin, the Südwestkorso "Cyclist Highway", begins west of Bundesallee and is frequented by students of the Free University. In the open-air museum Domäne Dahlem you pass one of Berlin's many green spaces. After running parallel to the underground line in the direction of Krumme Lanke and the Grunewald series of lakes, the route then crosses Mexikoplatz and goes on to Nikolassee.
At Nikolassee S-Bahn station, the trail branches off towards Wannsee. Here you can choose between a number of bicycle and inline-skating paths on Kronprinzessinnenweg.
From the Wannseebrücke, you can enjoy picturesque views of Grosser und Kleiner Wannsee.
Upon reaching Pfaueninselchaussee on Königstrasse you have a choice between two routes which will lead you to Glienicker Brücke:
  • The shorter and faster of the two is the Wannsee Route taking you along Königstrasse and over Schäferberg.
  • Tourists, nature lovers and romantics who prefer to take the scenic route can follow the signposted R1 and Berlin Wall Route across Pfaueninselchaussee and Haveluferwanderweg.
At this point, you plunge into the picturesque landscape of the Prussian Arcadias, an area of palaces and lakes between the Pfaueninsel Potsdam's Sanssouci.
The Wannsee Route and the R1 European Cycling Route cross paths on the Glienicker Brücke, the Havel crossing in the direction of Potsdam and at the Five-Palace Vista, one of the most spectacular panoramas in the Lower Havel area. From here you can cycle on to Potsdam or take the Berlin Wall route along Griebnitzsee.