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20 Green Walks in Berlin

River Dahme Walk

The River Dahme Walk follows the banks of the Dahme as far as possible from the point where it meets the river "Spree". The Dahme, a tributary of the Spree, passes through a chain of lakes. On this walk, the best river views are from stretch along the forest between the Grünau bathing beach (Strandbad Grünau) and the villa neighbourhood of Karolinenhof. Uniquely in Berlin, there is also a tram line here running through the forest close to the river bank. Even if the route is not always directly located along the river bank, this is still a very appealing stretch for hikers with its attractive late 19th-century blocks of flats, impressive villas with jetties for sailing boats, and historical club houses belonging to water sports associations. The occasional access roads down to the river offer superb views out across the Dahme. This (residential) world ends, at the latest, when you reach the historical centre of Schmöckwitz. From there on, there is only unspoilt countryside to the borders of Berlin and beyond.

Length: 16 km

Walk No.: 9
Walk No.: 9



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