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City Trees

Trees along the streets and in the parks give Berlin’s cityscape its character. By producing oxygen, binding dust particles and providing shade, trees improve the city’s climate in a sustainable way. They thus make a vital contribution to the well-being of the city’s population.

The following pages provide detailed information on the city’s tree stock and on the five most common tree species in Berlin. The pages also highlight selected avenues (in German) and special individual trees (in German) and supply information on diseases, pests and legal regulations (in German). more
An old oak (natural monument) in the park "Bellevuepark" Oak-trees along the avenue "Potsdamer Straße" Linden-trees along the avenue "Karl-Marx-Allee" Willow-trees in the park "Schäferseepark" Lime-blossoms Japanese cherry trees near the "Bornholmer Brücke"