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The Berlin Wall Trail 1

City Route Hermsdorf - Mitte - Schönefeld – 50 km

Wannsee-Route RR1 Gatow-Route RR2 Spandau-Route RR3 Reinickendorf-Route RR5 Hohenschönhausen-Route RR7 Hellersdorf-Route RR8 Teltow-Route RR12 Nordspange TR2 Südspange TR4 Ostring TR7

Traces of history on the streets of Berlin

"Where was the Wall?" is a question often asked by tourists and even Berliners. Answers can be found along the Berlin Wall Trail, which lets pedestrians and cyclists wind their way along the entire course of the former Wall.

After the fall of the Wall, the overwhelming impulse was to demolish every vestige of the barrier that had separated people and divided the city for decades. Today only fragments and isolated sections of the Wall survive. What we do have, however, are the border patrol roads, which make it possible to experience the former border personally.

In order to preserve the memory of an inhumane regime and an unnatural division, the Berlin Senate decided to convert the former border patrol roads into a continuous "history trail".

On the border to the surrounding state of Brandenburg, this path leads mostly through woods and fields and not along streets. The 50-kilometer route along the former dividing line between the two halves of the city takes city streets as its markers and also touches on important sights and places recalling the past.

At the same time, however, the 160 kilometers of the Berlin Wall Trail are not intended as just a reminder of the years of division and an attraction for tourists from all over the world, but also as a link between Berlin and the surrounding countryside and as a place where East and West meet.