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20 Green Walks in Berlin

North-South Walk

The North-South Walk starts from Berlin's northern city border following the small river "Panke", a tributary of the river "Spree", to its (historical) confluence with the Spree opposite Friedrichstraße Station. But that is only half of the North-South walk! On the other side of the Spree, the walk continues to the city's southern border in Marienfelde. With the newly landscaped "Park Am Gleisdreieck" now open, the route leads across a green area with many leisure facilities. Other green areas and connecting walking routes are presently under construction between the Yorckstraße and Südkreuz stations. This will also provide the Tempelhof-Schöneberg borough with a direct walking route into the city's historical centre.

Length: 45 km

Walk No.: 5
Walk No.: 5

Map North-South Walk


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Local transport links nearby:
Röntgental Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Buch Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Blankenburg Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Wollankstraße Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Pankstraße Station, subway (U-Bahn)
Reinickendorfer Straße Station, subway (U-Bahn)
Friedrichstraße Station, urban railway/subway (S+U-Bahn)
Brandenburger Tor Station, urban railway/subway (S+U-Bahn)
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Platz Station, subway (U-Bahn)
Yorckstraße Station, urban railway/subway (S+U-Bahn)
Julius-Leber-Brücke Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Südkreuz Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Priesterweg Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Südende Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Attilastraße Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Schichauweg Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Lichtenrade Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)