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Cemeteries and Other Burial Sites

Cemeteries serve as places of burial of the deceased and, for the living, as places of mourning. In addition, they are used as places of silence, recuperation and encounter, which is an important leisure factor, especially in large cities. Moreover, by preserving the art and craft forms of bygone days, they are cultural sites which document the past.

But nature, too, has a place here. In this way, cemeteries cover a wide range of necessary components of urban life that needs to be preserved and developed.

This information about Berlin's cemeteries with their graves of honor and other burial sites, including the three Soviet memorials, includes a list of all cemeteries and a site map. A compilation of the pertinent legal regulations and the contact addresses of the cemetery administrations of the state-owned cemeteries provide practical help for the bereaved.

More Information

For an overview map, a list of cemeteries and other statistical compilations, see
Urns at the Protestant Cemetery  "St. Simeon and St. Lukas" Graves of victims of war - Cemetery "Heidefriedhof" Entry to the Cemetery "Baumschulenweg" Gravesite at the Cemetery "St. Hedwig" Gravesites with Urns - Cemetery "Zentralfriedhof" Kolumbarium Cemetery "Schöneberg III"