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Transport planning


Pedestrians should have the possibility of getting through the capital without obstacles. With many measures our policy contributes to strengthen the pedestrians compared to the motorised traffic participants. more


More cycling trips by the people of Berlin contribute to better qualities of living and environment in the city. Therefore the Senate of Berlin works intensely to foster cycling and to improve the conditions for cycling in several fields of action. more

Local public passenger transport

Within the state of Berlin, we are the competent authority for the public transport network (ÖPNV). Berlin's Local Transport Plan is an essential basis for the plannings within the ÖPNV. more

Driving and Parking controls

About 1,3 million motor vehicles are registered in Berlin. A major part of them move through the streets of the city every day. The management of this large volume of traffic has to be carefully planned. more

Commercial transport and Freight transport

Commercial transport is one of the necessary foundations of economic development in Berlin. But there are numerous challenges concerning commercial freight transportation that must still be addressed. For example, commercial transport has far reaching consequences on air quality, climate, noise levels as well as traffic safety. more

Long-distance rail transport

Berlin has a long tradition as a railway junction (first sentence could be reworded. "as a railway junction" not clear. As a hub between East and West, the city has a prominent position in terms of long-distance rail transport within a united Europe. more

Air traffic

With more than 200.000 flights per year the capital region of Berlin is one of Germany's busiest airspaces. Berlin's urban development planning creates important framework conditions for air traffic control and planning. more

Planning approval procedure

The citizens' participation in the planning of infrastructure projects is of high priority in our society and plays an important role for Berlin. more