Verkehrslenkung - Temporary authorisations

Construction sites

Traffic management at construction sites; Foto: Ina Dorendorf
Foto: Ina Dorendorf

In construction areas a fixed traffic signal sometimes has to be substituted by a mobile one. The mobile masts ensure that the signals always have high visibility for the car drivers. They also allow an adaptation to the construction progress.

If in the course of roadworks only one lane can be used, the car drivers have to take turns in using the driving directions. This cooperation is ruled by mobile two-way traffic systems. These will enable the thoroughfare after the vehicles coming from the opposite direction have left the bottleneck, even though not the last vehicle is being counted. The traffic signal calculates an expected maximum driving time from the length of way and the velocity. You're not allowed to go ahead until this time has expired.

Construction sites within the public road area are no rarity in Berlin. The traffic user directly feels the effects caused by closures and restrictions. But there are various reasons for construction:

  • roads have to be safe for traffic and must be maintained in good conditions,
  • development of road infrastructures,
  • work on gas, water, and waste water pipes as well as on electricity lines,
  • restructuring or new construction of tram and underground,
  • construction of buildings.

In addition to the required special permit according to the "Berliner Straßengesetz" (Berlin law on public roads) §§ 11 and 12, a traffic regulation order is required for the site installation within the public road area in accordance with § 45 of the StVO.

The special permit is granted by the competent bodies for construction and maintenance. The Traffic Management is responsible for the traffic regulation order for the main road network in cooperation with the police and the competent body for construction and maintenance. For all other roads the respective road traffic authority of the boroughs is responsible for the regulations.

On a case-by-case basis the regulations control:

  • how the construction site has to be closed off and marked,
  • if and how closed roads and detours have to be marked, and
  • if and how traffic has to be controlled.

It includes:

  • signpost plans,
  • detour plans - when indicated - and
  • potential plans for light-signal systems.

It pays attention to:

  • the real local conditions,
  • the required space available for the construction procedure and the transport, and
  • different construction phases.

The main contractor has to present all required information for the granting of the permit to the Traffic Management in good time before the beginning of the construction measure. For more information please see category Services / Permits.