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Berlin enjoys a great national and international reputation as a metropolitan center of European standing, thanks in large part to its great wealth of urban green space, which helps provide a high quality of life. Hardly any other city can boast as many green spaces as Berlin. Parks and garden spaces, city squares and green strips of various sizes and shapes characterize the city, and hark back to different eras in its history. The more than 2,500 public parks, covering a total-surface of approx. 6,500 ha, provide Berliners and tourists with a wide variety of recreational opportunities. The protection, care, maintenance and development of the urban green spaces are the common tasks of the departments of green spaces in the boroughs and the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment.

On the following pages, you will find an overview of the stock of public green spaces in the city area as well as detailed information on the public parks in Berlin, specifically on the possibilities for their use for leisure and recreation. Selected parks and city squares are introduced (in German), and information is provided on use and the applicable legal regulations (in German). Moreover, relevant contacts in the borough departments and the Senate Department are identified. more

Special publication

Großer Tiergarten, 2015; photo: Philipp Eder
"Großer Tiergarten"
The "Großer Tiergarten" park in the heart of Berlin is a very significant green space. This website is also available in English:
Marx-Engels-Forum near the Rotes Rathaus Spacious meadows in Volkspark Jugfernheide Park Schäfersee Meadow with tulips in Britzer Garten Herbaceous border and fountain in Park am Weißen See Lawn for sunbathing and sport in Volkspark Wilmersdorf