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Walk in a park with a dog on leash; Photo: Holger Koppatsch
Photo: Holger Koppatsch

Dogs must generally be kept on a leash in public parks, so that visitors are not disturbed by dogs running free, and plants are not damaged or destroyed. In some green spaces, there is even a general ban on dogs (List; in German) for that reason. These animals generally have no business on public children's playgrounds, due to concern for the safety of children.

The requirement to keep dogs on the leash in green spaces is provided both by the Law on the Protection, Care and Development of Public Green and Recreation Spaces (Public Parks Law; in German) and by the Law on the Keeping and Walking of Dogs in Berlin (Berlin Dog Law; in German).

In green spaces, your four-legged friends can only run free without a leash in areas especially designed for that purpose. These areas are accordingly enclosed and marked. As a dog-owner, please ensure that your dog does not disturb other users, even in these areas. In dog runs, as elsewhere throughout public green spaces, dog-owners have the responsibility to immediately remove their animals' excrement, for sanitary reasons.

You can download an overview of the green spaces certified by the borough departments of green spaces as dog runs, either as a List (in German) or as a map. For more information about dog runs in particular green spaces, please inquire at the responsible Department of Green Spaces (in German).

Additional offers

During opening times, three dog runs are available on Tempelhofer Feld (former airfield of Tempelhof Airport).

In the Berlin forests there are big signposted dog run areas. Outside of these areas, dogs must be also kept on a leash.


Dog Traffic Lights Recreation at "Schlachtensee" and "Krumme Lanke" - with or without dogs

What is allowed where?
Information of the Berlin Forestry Commission more (in German)


All details stated here are subject to change. At any rate, pay attention to the signposts at the locations!

Dog runs in green spaces
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Dog run areas in forests

Further information

Information of the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-discrimination Information of the Senate Department for Finance