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Having a Barbecue in Berlin; Photo: Holger Koppatsch
Photo: Holger Koppatsch


Please take care of the environment: If it is very dry because of a long rainless period one should not even think of barbecuing even at designated places because of fire protection and danger prevention. All too fast sparks or embers can ignite dry lawns or shrub parts and light a fire which could cause harm to plants, animals or even people. For that reason particularly in case of drought in summer a picnic is the smart alternative! In drought and heat please pay attention to temporarily imposed bans on barbecuing by the local resonsible borough departments if need be.

Barbecuing is fun. Whoever wants to have a barbecue in Berlin will also find some designated places in public parks (green and recreation spaces). However, there are some rules which have to be observed so that nothing spoils the fun – in consideration for others and as a cautionary measure, which will be of benefit to all of us.

These informations show you where you can barbecue in Berlin's green spaces – and at the same time what you should pay attention to.