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Cemeteries and Other Burial Sites

Data and Facts

Of the total of 224 Berlin cemeteries, 186 are open.
The State of Berlin administers 86 cemeteries at present, two of which are located in the surrounding areas. Approx. 584 ha of state-owned cemetery space is located within the boundaries of Berlin. The administration is carried out at the borough level, by the departments of green spaces, or the relevant special offices of the particular boroughs.

The remaining cemeteries are operated by the legally independent church communities of the various denominations. Most denominational cemeteries are the property of the Protestant church communities, which maintain 117 cemeteries covering a total of approx. 416 ha within Berlin. Two cemeteries of Berlin Protestant churches are also located in the surrounding areas.
Moreover, there are nine Catholic cemeteries covering 48 ha, five Jewish cemeteries, one Russian-Orthodox cemetery, one Muslim cemetery, one British cemetery and two other cemeteries.

The cemeteries in Berlin occupy a total area of approx. 1,105 ha. Thirty-eight cemeteries have already been closed, i.e. no burials are held in them any more. However, they have in most cases retained their cemetery character, and are still dedicated as cemeteries.
Berlin Cemeteries (as of May 2016)
  Total Open Closed
Berlin cemeteries 220 182 38
Berlin cemeteries in surrounding areas 4 4  
Breakdown by Religion
State-owned cemeteries 84
(+ 2 in surrounding areas)
(+ 2 in surrounding areas)
Protestant cemeteries 117
(+ 2 in surrounding areas)
(+ 2 in surrounding areas)
Catholic cemeteries 9 9  
Other cemeteries (British, Jewish, Muslim, Russian-Orthodox, misc.) 10 7 3


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