Low-emission Zone

Berlin-specific Exemptions from Driving Ban

Exemptions that apply only to the Berlin low-emission zone have been established in order to lessen any social or economic hardship caused by the driving ban.

Because the low emission zone with the green sticker was introduced already in 2010, individual exemptions can be only granted for severely disabled persons with the mark "G" on low incomes and for some special vehicles. In any case it must be shown, that the vehicle cannot be retrofitted to achieve a green sticker.
Individual exemptions therefore can only be granted if some particular conditions are fulfilled. more

Additional general order exemptions apply for people with dual amelia or phocomelia, for test vehicles and for vehicles with special registration numbers. more

The general exemption for diesel vehicles complying with the Euro 3 exhaust emission standard with no retrofitting option expired on 31 December 2014.

Other low-emission zones in Germany may have their own exemptions that do not apply to Berlin.