Update of Clean Air Plan

Involving the general public

People, Photo: rclassenlayouts / Depositphotos.com
Photo: rclassenlayouts / Depositphotos.com

You may ask yourself how you, as a member of the general public in Berlin, can contribute to the current revision of the clean air plan?

During the last couple of months, the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection has been working on a new draft of the clean air plan. But work on this update is not taking place behind closed doors. On the contrary, it is important to draw on the experience of the citizens of Berlin so that we can develop effective measures to improve the air quality in the city and to safeguard a healthy environment for its inhabitants.

Your participation has been planned in various phases.

1st phase: A survey on mein.berlin.de from December 2018

From 3rd December 2018 to 4th January 2019, it was possible for you to contribute your experience on the online platform mein.berlin.de in response to our survey about air quality in Berlin. The results of this survey has been evaluated and taken into account, where possible, during the drafting phase of the new clean air plan.

2nd phase: Comment on the draft of the new clean air plan

The Senate department had published its draft of the new clean air plan on mein.berlin.de and www.berlin.de/senuvk/umwelt/luft/luftreinhaltung/luftreinhalteplan_2025/oeffentlichkeitsbeteiligung.shtml (in German).

For a period of six weeks until the end of May 2019 the draft was open for your comments, critique and suggestions.

This consultation phase is a statutory requirement to ensure that the general public can continue to be involved when the planning work is at an advanced stage. All interested parties, be they associations, local authorities or members of the public, can then read the draft or just specific chapters and convey to the senate department their comments, concerns, suggestions and points of view regarding the clean air plan.

The senate department will evaluate all the observations and points of view that are contributed and will check them as to their relevance and practicability. Following this, a final version will be prepared and submitted to the Senate of Berlin for final adoption.