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A green city center - BAF - Biotope area factor

Calculation examples

Each plot of land can be designed in various ways. In principle, measures that lead to an expansion of the area of vegetation on the ground are given priority. Only then should additional possibilities, such as the replacement of asphalt and concrete with other surfaces, be utilized.

Land area 479 m²
Developed area 279 m²
Undeveloped area 200 m²
Degree of development     0.59

The courtyard is mainly covered with asphalt. There is gravel with grass coverage on the periphery, and the tree stands in a soil bed that measures 1 m².

Plan: Calculation example - Ground state
Calculation: BAF Ground state

140 m² Asphalt
x 0.0 =   0 m²
59 m² gravel with
grass coverage
x 0.5 = 30 m²
1 m² open soil

x 1.0 =   1 m²

  BAF     31   = 0.06

BAF target = 0.3

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Green courtyard at Muskauer Straße 9

Traditional courtyard greenery in Wedding - click for enlarged view (34 K)
Traditional courtyard greenery in Wedding