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20 Green Walks in Berlin

Lindenberg Corridor Walk

The Lindenberg Corridor Walk links Lichtenberg's residential areas near the "Rummelsburger Bucht", a large bay on the river "Spree", with the countryside around Wartenberg village to the north-east of the city border. Ingeniously, the walk mainly snakes its way along the corridor of industrial land located between the residential areas in Lichtenberg, Hohenschönhausen and Marzahn. This is the largest continuous stretch of industrial land in Berlin and, over the last years, some of its peripheral areas have been transformed into green spaces. The many highlights on the Lindenberg Corridor undoubtedly include the "Rummelsburger Bucht" riverbank promenade at the start of the route, the newly completed Herzberge Landscape Park in the centre, and the open countryside to the north around the protected landscapes of the "Falkenberger Krugwiesen" and the "Wartenberger Feldmark".

Length: 17 km

Walk No.: 6
Walk No.: 6

Map Lindenberger Corridor Walk


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Ostkreuz Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Betriebsbahnhof Rummelsburg Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Frankfurter Allee Station, urban railway/subway (S+U-Bahn)
Marzahn Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Gehrenseestraße Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)