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Spandauer Weg

The Spandau Walk crosses the entire borough of Spandau, starting from the north at the canal "Aalemannkanal" and leaving the borough at the district of Kladow to the south. This walk passes through some impressive Berlin landscapes to the west of the river "Havel". In the northern section, the route skirts the extensive woodland of the forest "Spandauer Forst" before continuing across the Staaken residential quarter to the former wastewater farmland of the "Rieselfelder" near the banks of the river "Havel" in the north of the Gatow district. On this section, the Spandau Walk largely follows the Berlin Wall Trail. From Gatow, the route keeps to the banks of the river "Havel". In Hohengatow, the "Nauener Platte" raised plateau stretches to the river bank, giving this section some of the geological features, though less pronounced, of a steep coastline. After skirting the lower edge of the forested "Gatower Heide", the walk carries on across the "Gutspark Neu-Kladow" landscaped park before passing Kladow's traditional landing stage for tour boats. This landing stage is also served every hour by Ferry F10, run by the local transport authority (BVG), bringing Berlin city residents to enjoy the rural beauty of Kladow and relax in the idyllically located beer gardens near the landing stage. The walk ends just 2.5 km further on at the border of the borough of Spandau, connecting to the Berlin Wall Trail.

Length: 31 km

Walk No.: 2
Walk No.: 2

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