Barrier-free City

Short film: Berlin accessible for all 2020

Berlin's construction policies are aimed at removing barriers.
To identify the requirements for an accessible city a short film was created on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment. The video is also available with audio description in English and German.

Video (2:36 min)

Berlin for all in 2020

With the participation of: Nicola Buschko, Lutz Dürichen, Wolfgang Schmidt-Block, Kristina, Katrin Wälder

Executive producer: Barbara Berninger
Thematic advisors: Gerd Grenner and Ingeborg Stude
Director: Ariadna Pujol
Animation and Editing: Aleix Abellanet
Directors of Photography: Sophie Köhler and Christian Plähn
Production Coordinator: Manoj Thomas
Sound Designer: Juan Sánchez "Cuti"
Direct Sound: Nic Nagel
Duration: 2:35 minutes.

Video with audio description - Berlin accessible for all 2020

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