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The B96 road tunnel is a main component in the traffic facilities in the central area of Berlin. The tunnel solution was chosen in order to adapt the B96 to future traffic and urban planning developments. To avoid having to make the southern link to the aboveground route of the B96 over the already overloaded canal bridges, this bridge was erected over the Landwehr canal. It has room for two lanes in south/north direction and three in north/south direction. In order to achieve the necessary height to allow ships to pass under, the canal bank roads at the junction had to be raised by around 2 m.

The bridge was designed for a high volume of traffic. Despite this, thanks to its modern reinforced concrete structure, it looks elegant and filigree. The design reminds the observer of the earlier basket arch bridges of the Landwehr canal, some of which are still around today.

Together, the superstructure and abutments combine to form a constructive unit. The connection of the arch fingers to the abutments is articulated (concrete joints).

Given its location in the heart of Berlin, this bridge was chosen to commemorate the initiator of the Marshall Plan - George C. Marshall. Amongst other things, the reconstruction of Berlin from the ruins left behind after World War II is linked with his name.


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