Supporting e-mobility

Elektroauto wird aufgeladen
Image: Tom-Hanisch -

E-mobility helps to achieve a significant improvement in air quality in our cities. Insofar as the electricity comes from renewable sources, it is also clean and climate-friendly. So, electric cars and buses will make an important contribution to having cleaner air in Berlin. Apart from the efforts being made in public transport to convert to electric buses, e-mobility is supported in other areas as well.

An important element in this process is the electrification of commercial transport. The Berlin programme „Business-oriented e-mobility“ (in German) supports a switch to clean vehicles with up to EUR 4,000 for private cars and up to EUR 8,000 for lightweight commercial vehicles. This support makes it even more attractive for people working in trades and small businesses to switch to e-mobility.

In addition, the Senate supports the use of cargo bikes (with electric motors). It does so directly by making a financial contribution to trades and small businesses and indirectly via the project KoMoDo, which involves delivery firms sharing a depot and then using cargo bikes to transport the packets from there to the customer’s front door.

The continued development of a network of charging stations, pilot projects with an alternative charging technology, and the environmentally friendly procurement of vehicles for the city’s own fleet of cars are further strategic elements designed to reduce airborne pollution.

Besides, climate protection and health protection are closely related. More e-mobility means less CO2 and fewer nitrous gases. This is why the Senate’s efforts in this regard are particularly important. But private individuals and entrepreneurs are also required to take some responsibility and to drive forward the switch to e-mobility.