Bicycle Routes and Facilities

GPS-Tracks for Bicycle Routes through Berlin

The GPS tracks for bicycle routes through Berlin are available for download.

Bicycle Route GPX-Format ZIP-file
Radial Routes (RR)
Wannsee-Route RR1
Gatow-Route RR2 *
Spandau-Route RR3 *
Reinickendorf-Route RR5 *
Hohenschönhausen-Route RR7 *
Hellersdorf-Route RR8 *
Teltow-Route RR12 *
Tangential Routes (TR)
Westspange TR1
Nordspange TR2 *
Südspange TR4 *
Ostring TR7 *
Berlin Wall Trail
Berlin Wall Trail - overall route
Long-distance Routes
Havel bike path *
European Bicycle Route R1 (West) *
European Bicycle Route R1 (East) *
Bicycle Route Berlin-Copenhagen *
Bicycle Route Berlin-Usedom *
All routes in one ZIP-file  
* - More information only in German.

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