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20 Green Walks in Berlin

Wuhle Valley Walk

The Wuhle Valley Walk follows the route of the Wuhle stream from Ahrensfelde to its confluence with the river "Spree". As late as the 1980s, the Wuhle stream had a reputation as an open wastewater canal. Today, it is a clean, peacefully flowing stream, and even has little fish splashing in the water. With its park-like landscape, the northern Wuhle valley between the large suburban housing estates in Marzahn and Hellersdorf is now one of the most popular green areas in north-east Berlin. This recreational area attracts walkers, joggers and cyclists, simply out to enjoy this green oasis or use the path down the traffic-free Wuhle valley as a safe route from A to B. Here, the "Gardens of the World" park (admission fee), which is well worth a visit, lies almost invisible behind the 97-meter-high hill "Kienberg". To the south of the main B1/5 road, the walk leads through spreading estates of detached houses – especially popular with local residents for a Sunday stroll. The Wuhle Valley Walk, which has some sections signed as the "Wuhletal Hiking Trail", sometimes follows the left or right bank of the stream – and in some cases even runs along both banks!

Length: 16 km

Walk No.: 14
Walk No.: 14



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Local transport links nearby:
Ahrensfelde Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)
Wuhletal Station, urban railway/subway (S+U-Bahn)
Köpenick Station, urban railway (S-Bahn)