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20 Green Walks in Berlin

Heiligensee Walk

Canal "Berlin-Spandauer Schiffahrtskanal"
  Lake Flughafensee
Lake "Flughafensee"

The Heiligensee Walk starts in the heart of urban Berlin – on the footbridge between two of the Bundestag’s administrative buildings near the "Parliament of Trees" memorial. From here, the walk leads to Heiligensee on the northern city border. Even just a few kilometres down the canal "Berlin-Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal", the normally busy riverbank has a far more local feeling. When you reach the Greenwich Promenade along the lake "Tegeler See", Berlin's only real lakeside promenade, you once again enter the hustle and bustle of urban life. Directly behind the Greenwich Promenade, the route turns across the spreading "Tegeler Forst" woodlands. Here, the forest has an impressive number of old beech trees, as well as an inland sand dune known as "Baumberge". By the time you arrive in Heiligensee with its detached houses separated by fields, you could easily imagine that you have already left Berlin!

Length: 24 km

Walk No.: 3
Walk No.: 3

Map Heiligensee Walk


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