• Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin
  • Groer Tiergarten Berlin

Großer Tiergarten


signpost in the park "Großer Tiergarten"; photo: Andreas Kurths / gruppe F
signpost in the park, 2014
photo: Andreas Kurths / gruppe F

How to get there
The "Großer Tiergarten" park area belongs to the borough of Berlin-Mitte and is directly adjacent to the boroughs of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Tempelhof-Schöneberg. The park is centrally located in the city and easily accessible from all directions.

Park rules
The park belongs to the public green recreation areas of Berlin. Consequently, certain rules must be respected throughout the area.

Activities and events
In addition to the well-known big events, many smaller activities also take place on a regular basis. The event calendar provides information about current events and the restrictions possibly associated with them.


Accessibility to the park

With very few exceptions, all parts of the "Großer Tiergarten" park are accessible to people with disabilities. Among the exceptions are the historic bridges, in particular the "Stufenbrücke" bridge has two steps on each side and the arched "Gotische Brücke" bridge has a slope of far more than 6 percent. The "Löwenbrücke" bridge is currently off-site for restoration.

Please note that only the public toilet located between the Brandenburg Gate and the Soviet Memorial is accessible and suited for people with a physical handicap. For this reason, we recommend using the toilets belonging to the park cafes if necessary.