Federal Council Initiative on Retrofits

Bundesrat in Berlin
Image: aldorado /

The main reason why nitrous gas pollution along main roads is so high today is that vehicle emissions are exceeding the statutory limit values. This deficit (which has become known as the diesel scandal) has to be dealt with by reducing the emissions of (diesel) cars.

For this reason, Berlin – together with other federal states – has launched a Federal Council initiative to make it possible for a technical retrofit to be carried out on any vehicles affected. This initiative calls upon the federal government and the car industry to make corresponding offers to car owners. Moreover, the offers should be such that the owners don’t have to pay anything. After all, they have taken a double hit: they risk being affected by restricted driving bans and they are helpless in the face of the loss of value of their diesel vehicles.

Currently, the Federal Council is considering the submissions that have been made. It is to be assumed that a broad majority of federal states will support Berlin’s proposal.