Air quality

Berlin, Skyline, Potsdamer Platz (Ausschnitt)
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Berlin’s famously clear air is a defining element in the free-spirited attitude to life of its inhabitants. But, unfortunately, the air is suffering at the moment because of high levels of nitrous gas pollution. This and other forms of pollution are measured in Berlin by the city’s air quality monitoring network (in German). In this part of the website, you can find information about nitrous gases. Moreover, there are other noxious substances in Berlin’s air apart from nitrous gases (in German).

Nitrous gases in Berlin

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How good is the air quality in Berlin? Find out more about pollution caused by nitrous gases. More information

Nitrous gases and health

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What role do nitrous gases play when it comes to human health? More information

Nitrous gases and traffic

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Where do nitrous gases come from? Why is traffic so important in this respect? More information


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Brief replies to the most important questions about nitrous gases. More information