Building and Vegetation Heights


Whether we look at Potsdamer Platz or Alexanderplatz – Berlin is soaring up in many places. Incidentally, how are buildings generally constructed in the capital? Just how much private vegetation is there in the city, where is it located and what heights does it reach?

Explore precise and very detailed information about the height and structure of buildings and vegetation areas in Berlin. What has been termed the “vertical dimension” of the city has been recorded since 2009. In the first phase of the project, an area of about 445 km2 was analysed. Besides the entire city centre, this area predominantly includes the southern half of the city. In a second project phase, the remaining city area and the surrounding areas were analysed covering a total area of 1,800 km2. Especially regarding vegetation, this data, combined with the analysis of the green volume on a block level, forms an excellent foundation for urban and landscape planning.

The present maps provide fascinating insights into the height structure of parks such as the Großer Tiergarten, the green spaces around Gleisdreieck or the Görlitzer Bahnhof. They also illustrate the courtyards, some of them very green, even within Wilhelminian block development. Lawn areas are easily distinguished from areas with higher vegetation and those with trees. This applies similarly to forests and forest-like stands of trees.