Peatlands 2015

Statistical Base

1,300 ha of potential peatland areas in 76 peatlands were investigated in the framework of the research project. For this purpose, 974 terrain points were recorded, with soil-scientific classifications being carried out at 792 points by digging and/or drilling. The terrain data were recorded in a soil-scientific Access database, which was made available by the Brandenburg State Office for Geology and Natural Resources (Landesamt für Geologie und Rohstoffe Brandenburg, LBGR). An estimated 90 % of Berlin’s peatlands were recorded by the mapping.

In order to quantify the amount of C stored in Berlin’s peatlands, it was important to gather detailed information on each soil profile of every single peatland. To this end, all peatland soils were sampled and then systematically classified by substrate and soil types. The data regarding bulk densities and C amounts were taken at representative soil horizon profiles in Berlin. For this purpose, more than 500 peat and gyttja samples were analysed in the laboratory. Parts of the data for bulk density were additionally complemented with pre-existing, backfile data.