Planning Advice for Soil Protection 2015


Precautionary soil protection aims to protect the efficacy and natural characteristics of soils as well as to prevent adverse effects on the soil. The presentation of the individual soil functions in Maps 01.12.1 through 01.12.5 and the efficacy of soils in Map 01.12.6 (Faensen-Thiebes et al. 2006, SenStadtWohn 2018) lays the technical foundation for the requirements and measures that are relevant from a soil protection perspective for spatially effective planning processes and stipulations (Faensen-Thiebes and Goedecke 2007).

Moreover, notes on how to evaluate differences in the efficacy of soils, and which results to implement in regard to soil protection (Gerstenberg et al. 2007, 2015 and 2017) are useful during the planning process.

The present Map 01.13 combines and weights the information on the individual soil functions. The result shows how vulnerable Berlin soils are to interventions arising from development plans and construction projects. Both the Map Planning Advice for Soil Protection and the associated Tool Catalogue of models and measures for precautionary soil protection in Berlin (Leitbild und Maßnahmenkatalog, (Catalogue of models and measures), 2015, only in German) are designed to assist the soil-protection authorities involved in the evaluation of soil interventions in the framework of assessing environmental effects or development planning. It also facilitates an efficient classification and evaluation of the planning process and the derivation of any potential stipulations that may be required to protect the soil. In terms of soil protection, planning decisions and planning processes can thus be improved.

A paper map can no longer adequately display the variety and spatial detail of the respective assessments and suggested measures. The present map is hence built on the digital data display of the FIS Broker. This platform displays detailed information, assessments and suggested measures for the chosen areas, which would be impossible to depict on a paper map.