Potential for the Removal of Impervious Soil Coverage (Soil De-Sealing)



Built-up, concreted, asphalted or paved over? There are many different ways to render surfaces impervious. About one third of the area of Berlin is covered in a way that prevents air and water from passing through.

In large cities, the proportion of impervious surfaces is higher, as the urban area is more densely built up. This means, the more areas are built on and covered, the less space remains for vegetation to grow. In order to protect our environment and climate in the long term, the State of Berlin is making efforts to remove impervious covers from the soil wherever possible and to render them pervious permanently.

Individual plots of land with the “Potential for the Removal of Impervious Soil Coverage” available to have their impervious cover removed permanently were identified by a survey of expert staff members from the borough administrations and the Berlin Forestry. The relevant data was extracted from the land use plan and landscape plan procedure, planning advice for soil protection and information on protected areas under conservation law. In this process, the potential for the removal of impervious coverage was not only determined, but also evaluated and prioritised.

As a result, 222 areas have been defined as potential areas for the removal of impervious coverage. The impervious cover of 33 areas has already been fully removed and partially removed for 14 areas (as of 2023).

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