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The texts, figures, illustrations and tables are made available without payment for all purposes of commercial and non-commercial use currently known or known in the future. The source must be specified as:

Berlin Environmental Atlas

The environmental data and geodata available through the Geoportal Berlin are subject to broad – open – conditions of use. These can be found under the heading “Information” for the respective environmental data / geodata.

Recommended Citation

SenStadt (Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing) (ed.) Year:
Berlin Environmental Atlas, Year, Map Subject Title, Berlin.
URL: xxx

Please use the exact name of the Senate Department as stated in the header of the WORD or PDF document when citing older editions, as the name may have changed since the map was published.

Gender Note (applies only to the German language)

Please note that for reasons of better readability, the masculine form is used on the Internet pages of the Environmental Atlas Berlin for terms and nouns referring to persons. In the interest of equality, these terms apply to all genders.

The use of these abbreviated forms is for editorial purposes only and does not imply any valuation.