Water Conservation Districts and Groundwater Use 1990


The wells of the Berlin Public Water Companies cannot be portrayed individually but only as groups, well galleries, because of the selected scale. For the same reason there is no depiction of conservation zones I and II, or the narrow conservation zone in West Berlin, or the East Berlin Zone I.

Private sector water supply plants are depicted in the map with their permitted as well as their actual water withdrawal amounts. Not all facilities use withdrawn water for drinking water purposes. Those facilities which do use withdrawn water for drinking water purposes are specially characterized.

Corresponding to the statistical base, East Berlin private sector water supply plants with a permitted withdrawal of more than 73,000 m3 are depicted. In West Berlin all those registered with the public administration are depicted. Single wells on private property which decentrally serve domestic water consumption are generally not depicted. None could be depicted for the state of Brandenburg because data was not available.

Raw water withdrawals from groundwater are depicted. Smaller portions of the 5.7 million m3 groundwater withdrawn by the Jungfernheide waterworks serve internal operating purposes, or are used to protect other wells (groundwater restoration) against threats to their quality. These portions are not calculated in the drinking water supply. Approximately 1.2 million m3 are not included in depicted withdrawal amounts for the Friedrichshagen, Johannistal and Wuhlheide waterworks. This water was used to recharge the Krumme Lanke, in purge wells, or discharged into the Teltow canal and the Spree river.