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Solar Systems



The key element of Berlin’s climate protection strategy is to generate energy from sunlight. Although there is little space for wind turbines in the city due to its dense development, there is plenty of potential space for solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems. According to long-term forecasts, solar energy could meet twelve percent of the population’s demand for heating and nine percent for electricity by 2050. There is, however, still a lot to be done until then.

The State of Berlin investigated which types of buildings and boroughs are generally suitable for the installation of solar technology systems with the hope of integrating aspects such as energy-efficient construction and renewable energies in its urban development planning. So far, solar energy has been used more heavily in boroughs on the periphery. There are, however, many potential areas in the remaining parts of the city. Here you can peruse detailed information on the long-term potential of solar energy use in Berlin. Discover also where existing solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems are located and how they are performing.

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