Climate Model Berlin - Analysis Maps 2001


Air, temperature and wind; these are the three components of urban climate. In a city like Berlin, these parameters are not always balanced. Impervious soils paired with an insufficient number of green spaces are bad news for the climate of our city.

Extensive and detailed information on the urban climate is required for planning processes and climatic compensation measures for new impervious soil covers and developments. Such data is available for the city area and its surroundings for the year 2001. It is presented using a comprehensive resolution grid of 200 × 200 metres. The accuracy of this snapshot of the climatic conditions facilitates reliable analyses on scales ranging from 1 : 100,000 to 1 : 20,000.

Based on the technical limitations of the model, mixed pixel images (where multiple different structure types apply to one pixel) may occur in built-up areas. The resolution for the detailed analysis area “Berlin-Mitte – southern outskirts” is much more detailed at 50 × 50 metres. The parameters most indicative of climate, i.e. near-ground temperatures, wind fields and near-ground currents are presented here. They were modelled for both 10 pm and 6 am at two metres above ground. Based on analyses focussing on air exchange and air mass flow, green spaces involved in cold air generation may be distinguished both from those involved in cold air outflow and from green settlement types during a low-exchange warm summer night.

The contents of this edition are historical and no longer up-to-date.