Water Conservation Districts and Groundwater Use 1995


Depicted for Berlin are the private sector water supply plants registered with the Berlin government. Single wells on private property which decentrally serve domestic water consumption are generally not depicted. None could be depicted for the state of Brandenburg because data was not available.

Raw water withdrawals from groundwater are depicted. Portions of groundwater withdrawn by the Jungfernheide Waterwork (water management year 1995, 4.1 mil. m3) serve internal operating purposes, or are used to protect other wells (groundwater restoration) against threats to their quality. This water was purified and discharged into the Spree river and was not available for drinking water supplies. The Johannisthal Waterwork produced 5.9 mil. m3 of groundwater from the protection wells of the Alte Königsheide and the Teltow canal galleries in calendar year 1995; this raw water was purified in percolation basins and discharged into the Teltow canal. Gallery A of the Friedrichshagen Waterwork produced 840,760 m3 from May, 1995 to the end of the year; this water was discharged to the Münchenhofe (Brandenburg) clarification plant, processed and discharged through the Erpe into the Spree river. 157,680 m3 of groundwater withdrawn by a Gallery I well of the Friedrichshagen Waterwork in 1995 was discharged into the Krumme Lake biotope and was not available to drinking water supplies.

The selected map scale of 1 : 50,000 does not allow Berlin Public Water Companies wells to be depicted individually, but only as well gallery. The depiction of Conservation Zone II in the former West Berlin and the captation zone (Zone I) are also missing.

Private sector water supply plants are depicted with current production amounts. Not all facilities need water for drinking water purposes. Facilities which must have drinking water quality are indicated.