Traffic / Noise

Berlin Friedrichstraße Miniatur
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Nowadays, you can travel ever more speedily and comfortably to get from A to B, be it on a plane, a train, a bus or in your own car. Travel generates noise and emissions, however, which can damage your health and the environment. Find out here how Berlin’s traffic and noise has developed in the past years.

Traffic Volumes

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Which Berlin roads are among the most heavily polluted in Germany? Where have the most/fewest cars been recorded? Delve into a wealth of information on the development of traffic in Berlin. More information

Noise Pollution

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Cars, trains, construction sites, airports – Berlin is noisy! Which areas are the loudest? And what can you do about it? Find extensive data on Berlin’s noise pollution and detailed noise mappings covering the entire city area here. More information

Aircraft Noise Protection Areas

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Aircraft flying in and out are a serious cause of noise pollution for the population. Noise protection areas near airports aim to protect against damage caused by aircraft noise. Discover on a detailed street level which residential areas lie within a protection zone and what measures apply there. More information