Park im Herbst mit fallenden Blättern
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​Green, Green Grass of Home … – take a look at our topic “Biotopes” to discover how Berlin’s green spaces are doing. You can also read up on which factors have a positive or a negative impact on the habitats of plants and animals – and how we can protect the biotopes in Berlin.

Biotope Types

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Did you know? There are several open inland dunes, bogs and swamps in Berlin. Check out the chapter on “Biotope types” to find out where these areas are and why these types of biotopes are so worthy of our protection. Five maps introduce you to the different types of biotopes in Berlin. More information

Green Volume

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It is not only the number of green spaces, but also the volume of greenery that grows on them that influences the quality of life in a city. Read here how your neighbourhood is doing. For a detailed overview also check out our map. More information


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Did you know? The pine is Berlin’s number one tree species. Visit the topic “Age and Inventory Structure of the Forests” for more fun facts and measures to help preserve Berlin’s tree population. More information

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

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Groundwater is essential for human, animal and plant life. In the section “Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems” you can learn which biotopes are directly dependent on water from the ground. And what measures are taken to protect these habitats as best as possible. More information


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What’s growing in Berlin? The Vegetation Map shows you where to find pervious green areas in the city and which plant species grow there. You can also discover how much humans influence Berlin’s vegetation. More information

Breeding Bird Population

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The secret knowledge of birds: breeding birds provide information on habitat conditions. The chapter “Balance Sheet of Breeding Bird Population” reveals which bird species can be commonly or rarely found in Berlin. More information

Flora and Fauna

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Forests, bogs, allotments: in the section “Valuable areas for Flora and Fauna”, you can find out which biotopes are especially valuable for plants and animals. You can also discover crucial factors in preserving and improving habitats in the long run. More information

Heavy Metals in Plants

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Heavy metals in plants can cause health problems for both humans and animals. Visit our section on “Heavy metals in plants” to discover where critical levels have been measured in Berlin. More information