Climate Model Berlin – Development of the Number of Climatological Threshold Days in the Future 2015

Statistical Base

The analyses for Map 04.12 (Edition 2016) are closely linked to the work in the framework of the ERDF project 027 “GIS-based modelling of parameters relevant to urban climate on the basis of high-resolution data on buildings and vegetation” (SenStadtUm 2015a, 2016, 2016a). The analyses of the long-term measurement series of the Berlin city stations

  • Alexanderplatz
  • Dahlem
  • Grunewald
  • Tegel and
  • Tempelhof

carried out in this project formed the statistical base for the further statistical considerations of the development of the climatological threshold days and were comprehensively published in a separate map with respect to the individual stations (SenStadtUm 2015). Figure 1 illustrates the location of the stations in the municipal area.

Fig. 1: Location of the evaluated Berlin climate stations in the municipal area of Berlin. The measurement sites are marked by yellow circles.

The model simulations for the spatial distribution of the temperature during summerly weather conditions used numerous data of the Urban and Environmental Information System (Informationssystem Stadt und Umwelt, ISU) as well as other sources. They are described in detail here.