Availability of Public, Near-residential Green Spaces 1992

Statistical Base

The statements about size and location of individual green spaces are taken from Section III B of the Green Space List of the Berlin Department of Urban Development and Environmental Protection (SenStadtUm) (for East Berlin: June 1991, update of August 1992; for West Berlin: September 1992). When the data situation was not clear, the Conservation and Green Space Agencies of the respective boroughs were approached.

The basis for the estimate of noise pollution in green spaces near heavily-traveled streets and for traffic-based limitations on the intake areas was the traffic data from the SenStadtUm “Traffic Noise Map of Berlin” (status for East Berlin: December 1991; for West Berlin: March 1993) (cf. IVU 1993).

The assessment of the statistical residential blocks or segments in the intake areas of the green spaces was accomplished using the digitalized map of the Berlin Environmental Information System at a scale of 1:20,000, in which both the residential block or segments and the actual uses are shown.

The number of the inhabitants per residential block was taken from the residents’ file of the State Statistical Agency (as of December 1991) (cf. State Statistical Agency 1994).

The statements about the use of the blocks of flats and as to the respective construction structure type are based on the Use Data Base of the SenStadtUm Ecological Planning Bases Team (as of 1990).