Dwell Time of Seepage Water in the Non-Saturated Zone 2003

Statistical Base

A variety of very different data enter into the calculation of the dwell time of percolation water: on the one hand, geological pedological data (spatial distribution of soil and rock types, characteristic values of soil and rock), and on the other hydrological/ hydrogeological data (spatial distribution of percolation water quantities, new groundwater formation quantities, depth to groundwater from the surface).

The following specific sources have been taken into account:

  • General Geological Map of Berlin and Surroundings of 1:100,000 GÜK 100, (LGRB and SenStadt 1995)
  • Hydrogeological Segments from the Berlin Geological Atlas (SenStadt 2002),
  • Berlin Environmental Atlas, Updated and Enlarged Edition, (SenStadt)
    • Map 01.01 Soil Associations, 1:50,000 (1998),
    • Map 01.06.1 Types of Soil, 1:50,000 (2002),
    • Map 02.07 Depth to Groundwater, 1:50,000 (new edition 2003),
    • Map 02.13.5 New Groundwater Formation, 1:50,000 (new edition 2003),
  • Soil database of the City and Environment Information System (SenStadt),
  • Data of approx. 33,000 drillings from the Berlin State Geological Archives,
  • Map for the Characterization of the Overburden Layers, according to WRRL 1:100,000 (SenStadt 2002).