Actual Use of Built-up Areas / Inventory of Green and Open Spaces 1990

Statistical Base

The data on use of built-up and non-built-up areas in West and East Berlin derive from a large number of sources.

The basis for the categorization and use assignment was provided by the land use maps in the 1985 Umweltatlas (Environmental Atlas) for West Berlin, 06.01 “Actual Use of Built-Up Areas,” and 06.02 “Inventory of Green and Open Spaces.”

Map 06.01 is based on the statistical base and categorization of the Urban Planning Sustainability Investigation (STU), and on the Urban Planning Data Base. The categorization was carried out on the basis of gross floor-space shares for various uses. Map 06.02 was compiled with the aid of various surveys, and through evaluation of aerial photography taken in 1984. Both maps were continued in digitized form in 1988 in the UIS.

For the update of the land use maps which appeared in the Umweltatlas for West Berlin in 1985, the Maps of Uniform-Use Block Segments of 1989 were used. These are available for West Berlin, and are drawn on the basis of the maps of Berlin to a scale of 1:4,000. The use categories are transferable to the Umweltatlas maps. They are authoritative for block segments down to the level of plots.

The infrared aerial photography of August 1990 are available comprehensively for all of Berlin. They exist for West Berlin and the former border areas in a scale of 1:4,000, and for East Berlin in a scale of 1:6,000.

Further bases for the ascertainment of the land use in East Berlin were the 11 Land Use Maps of the Boroughs (Inventory) of East Berlin, as of 1990-‘91. They are available in a scale of 1:5,000, and show the actual land use in East Berlin. They are based on the data base “Housing Policy” (as of 1990), and on current housing-stock data of the urban planning agencies. They have different legends and varying degrees of accuracy.

The Map Land Use Inventory (Berlin and Surroundings) was compiled in 1990 at a scale of 1:25,000, and has an resolution of 3 ha.

The Topographical City Map (military edition), as of 1986-89, consists of various sheets in a scale of 1:10,000, and has very exact information on East Berlin, i.e., regarding specific usage of certain buildings.

The Commercial Space Investigation of Berlin (East) was compiled in 1990 to ascertain the internal reserve of the commercial space stock of East Berlin, and was represented on maps scaled 1:10,000.

The map and list of Berlin’s allotment garden colonies (as of 1990) is available for East Berlin in a scale of 1:25,000.