Urban Climate Zones 2000

Statistical Base

The preparation of the Map of Urban Climate Zones required no measurements to be specially performed. The following maps could be used and integrated as bases:

  • Mean Annual Air Temperature 1991-‘92 at 2 m above ground (SenStadtUm 1993e)
  • Long-Term Mean Air Temperatures 1961 – 1990 (Map 04.02, SenStadtUm 2001)
  • Equivalent Temperatures under Low-exchange Weather Conditions (Map 04.04.3, SenStadtUm 1993f)
  • Near-Ground Wind Speeds (Map 04.03, SenStadtUm 1994b)

Moreover, the following updated maps were used to include the structural developments since 1992:

  • Long-Term Temperature Distribution 1961 – 1990 (Map 04.02, SenStadt 2001a) and
  • Air Temperatures at Low-Exchange Weather Situations (Map 04.04.1, SenStadt 2001b).