Expected Highest Groundwater Level (EHGL) 2022



  • Groundwater Level (EHGL) as Word document

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  • Groundwater Level (EHGL) as PDF document

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  • 02.19 Expected Highest Groundwater Level (EHGL)

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  • Fig. 1: Groundwater hydrographs from three measuring points in the glacial valley: The highest groundwater level (HGL) was measured at different times: MP 137: 1975, MP 5476: 2002 and MP 8979: 2011


  • Fig. 2: Area of validity of the EHGL map for the glacial valley, the Panke valley, the Teltow Plateau and the Nauen Plate, as well as the section of the Barnim Plateau adjacent to the south-east of the Panke valley

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  • Fig. 3: Area of the groundwater flow model for developing the EHGL map for the Berlin glacial valley


  • Fig. 4: Location of the groundwater measuring points used for the plausibility test of the EHGL map


  • Fig. 5: Example of a hydrograph from the Panke valley with HGL, EHGL and increment


  • Fig. 6: Section of the numerical groundwater flow model for the State of Berlin


  • Fig. 7: Distribution pattern of groundwater measuring points by highest groundwater level (blue: winter of 2011; pink: winter of 2012)

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  • Fig. 8: Difference in water levels between February 15, 2012 and February 15, 2011 at 43 representative groundwater measuring points. Positive values indicate that the water level was higher in the winter of 2012 than in the winter of 2011 (corresponds to the groundwater measuring points highlighted in pink in Fig. 7)

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