Sonnenuntergang über Berlin
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The climate in urban areas depends on a variety of aspects, such as air temperature, humidity, location, buildings and green spaces. Dive into Berlin’s climate here and discover key aspects that influence our climate and how their impact on us can be changed for the better.

Climate Analysis

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More and more people are moving to Berlin, which means more construction. This influences the climate of our city. How clean is our air? How hot does the city get in summer? Take a look at our maps that analyse the status quo of our urban climate. More information

Climate Evaluation

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What needs to happen in future in Berlin to secure a healthy climate for people in the city? The Planning Advice Map Urban Climate forms an essential building block here, which serves as a basis for construction and planning decisions. More information

Development of Climate Parameters

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The long-term development of climate parameters, such as air temperature, indicates the current state of the climate and how it may change in the future. Explore analyses of climate parameters covering the past decades and look into the future of Berlin’s climate up to the year 2100. More information


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Hot summer nights especially can wreak havoc with our bodies and cause insomnia. Dive right into our collection of information, maps and data on the thermal load in Berlin. More information

Temperature and Moisture Conditions

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A hot and sunny day cranks up the heat in the city. At night, the heat is released with varying success. This depends on different aspects, such as temperature, water vapour content, relative humidity and extreme humidity. Access more detailed information here. More information

Climate Change

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By 2100, Berlin will feel a lot more like southern France; at least as far as the climate is concerned. Why is the capital becoming increasingly hotter? And how can we even make such long-term predictions? Discover the results of extensive model calculations and our maps here. More information

Surface Temperature

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How hot or cold is it in Berlin? One way to find out is to use infrared technology to measure the temperature of individual surfaces such as roofs, streets and tree crowns. Discover how it works and what you can learn from it here. More information

Precipitation Distribution

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How often does it rain in Berlin? And how many raindrops fall at any one time? Dive into comprehensive measurement results and maps on the long-term precipitation distribution and find out if rainwater seeps away easily in Berlin. More information

Urban Climate Zones

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How did the Chinese tree of heaven end up in Berlin? And what does it reveal about the climate in our city? Find all the answers plus a detailed overview of the individual urban climate zones in Berlin here. More information