Long-term Development of Selected Climate Parameters 2013

Statistical Base

The measured temperature data and wind values used here come from three different operators:

  • the Berlin-Grunewald station is operated by the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in the framework of the Berlin Air Quality Monitoring Network BLUME
  • the Berlin-Dahlem station is maintained by the Institute of Meteorology of the Free University of Berlin
  • the four stations Berlin-Alexanderplatz, Berlin-Tegel, Berlin-Tempelhof and Potsdam are operated by the German Meteorological Service, which provides free access to the data on its homepage.

All six stations are operated with electronically operated measurement automata that record the temperature at a height of 2m. Further meteorological parameters are measured at all six measurement sites (see the data on the operators’ websites); however, the focus of evaluation of the Environmental Atlas was on the values for air temperature, mainly the temperature values in summer.

The stations were selected mainly due to their long-term measurement series, but due to their location in the municipal area (cf. Fig. 0.1) they are also well-suited for describing various surrounding structures:

  • the inner-city area with dense development (Berlin-Alexanderplatz)
  • the (inner) city peripheral areas (Berlin-Tegel und Berlin-Tempelhof)
  • loosely developed areas with single-family houses (Berlin-Dahlem) and
  • forest sites with no or little influence from buildings (Potsdam and Berlin-Grunewald).

Fig. 0.1: Location of the evaluated Berlin climate stations in the municipal area of Berlin. The measurement sites are marked by yellow circles (the Potsdam station lies to the southwest outside the map section)