Vegetation Heights 2020


Just how much private vegetation is there in the city, where is it located and what heights does it reach?

Here you will find precise statements on the height and structure of vegetation-covered areas in Berlin, based on small spaces. Since 2009, the so-called “vertical extent” of the city has been recorded. While in 2009/2010 the first elaboration of the at that time still joint dataset “building and vegetation heights” was realized, the datasets have now been separated. However, the vegetation heights are still based on a separate evaluation of the “urban green” aerial photo data.

Especially regarding vegetation, this data, combined with the analysis of the green volume on a block level, forms an excellent foundation for urban and landscape planning.

The present maps provide fascinating insights into the height structure of parks such as the Großer Tiergarten, the green spaces around Gleisdreieck or the Tempelhofer Feld. They also illustrate the courtyards, some of them very green, even within Wilhelminian block development. Lawn areas are easily distinguished from areas with higher vegetation and those with trees. This applies similarly to forests and forest-like stands of trees.

The contents of this edition are up-to-date.