Actual Use of Built-up Areas / Inventory of Green and Open Spaces 2010

Statistical Base

The data on use of built-up and non-built-up areas derive from a large number of sources which are described in a differentiated manner in the respective editions. The basis for the categorization and use assignment was provided by the land use maps in the 1985 Environmental Atlas for the former West Berlin, 06.01 Actual Use of Built-up Areas, and 06.02 Inventory of Green and Open Spaces, as well as the editions published for all of Berlin in 1995 (06.01/06.02), 2002 (06.01/06.02), 2004 (06.01/06.02) and 2008 (06.01/06.02).

For the update of the 2011 Edition (as of Dec. 31, 2010), changes in land use during the period 2005 through 2010 were ascertained, and updates of the geometries of the Block Map 1:5000 (ISU 5) were undertaken. Moreover, the data base for actual-use mapping was subjected to plausibility checks on the basis of various geo-data available in the State of Berlin. The Environmental Atlas Maps 6.07/ 6.08, Urban Structure were compiled in parallel with these maps.

In all, the following databases were used to update and verify the actual-use mapping:

  • Block Map 1:5000 of the Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU) of the Senate Department for Urban Development, III F; as of Dec. 31, 2005, with updated block areas
  • Changes of the geometries of blocks of the Spatial Reference System (RBS) of the Berlin-Brandenburg Office of Statistics (AfS; formerly the Berlin State Statistical Office), 2005-2010
  • Digital aerial photography, SenStadt Abt. III (Aerial Image Archive); flights in 2004 and Apr. 2009
  • Area Monitoring, 2005-2012, SenStadt I A 1
  • Automated Property Register (ALK) 1:1000, SenStadt III C, as of June 2010
  • Map of Berlin 1:5000 (K5), survey departments of the boroughs, as of 1995, 2006 and Jan. 2010
  • Land Use Plan 1:50,000 (FNP), SenStadt IB 1, as of 2009
  • Cemetery inventory, 1:1,000, SenStadt IC 2, as of 2009
  • Green space inventory, 1:1000, SenStadt IC 2, as of 2010
  • Allotment gardens inventory, 1:1,000, SenStadt IC 2, as of 2009
  • Building age 1:1000, from “Development of the Urban Structure of Berlin since 1650 in Maps,” at building level, only as image, only inner city, only to ca. 1980
  • Imperviousness of 1:5000, SenStadt III F, as of 2005
  • Population data 1:5000, AfS and SenStadt III F, as of 2009
  • Habitat mapping 1:5000, SenStadt I.E.,, as of 2009
  • Sports facilities, SenStadt III F, survey by the Sports Administration in the mid-1990s
  • Site occupancy index (GRZ) 1:5000, SenStadt III F, as of 2008
  • Vacancy analysis, SenStadt I A, as of 2009
  • School sites, Senate Administration for Education, Science and Research, as of 2010
  • State Real Property 1:500, SenStadt IA, as of 2010