Near Ground Wind Speeds 1991

Statistical Base

The mobile climate monitoring vehicle of the Department of Bioclimatology of the Technische Universität Berlin was used for the data collection. The data bases for the existing maps were 29 day – and 70 nighttime measurement trips over the years 1980 to 1984 in the area of the western boroughs of Berlin as well as 21 day – and 42 nighttime measurement trips in the year 1991 with the emphasis on the eastern part of the city (cf. Map 04.04.4, SenStadtUm 1994)., The wind speed was measured with an anemometer at a height of 2.70 m at altogether 770 measuring points. Statements as to the wind comfort for pedestrians along with the near ground wind field can thereby be derived. Data on the wind speed at the least disturbed station, Tempelhof airport, at the time of the measuring trips were provided by the German Weather Service (cf. Deutscher Wetterdienst 1992). In addition, research on block courtyard and forest locations were evaluated (cf. Horbert et. al. 1992 and Horbert et. al. 1993).